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More brand new FLU is here! We're thrilled to extend a free dowload of our latest single, Before I'm Gone. Let us know what you think -- has the FLU really gone the way of Misters Mayer & Matthews. Tell us before we're gone?!

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Lyrics by K. Adkins

Calm corridors of a collected mind
Hide perfect pictures you left behind
Marked memories for us to find
Tell me you love me just one more time

Please tell me that we’re right, when I know we’re wrong
We went to bed that night, and slowly slipped into the dawn
We’re only tight when I am loosely drawn
A liquid lunch served up so stand-up and strong
Hummed a simple tune as we stumbled along
Tell me before I’m gone
…tell me before I’m gone

Pensively pondering in your peacock coat
Silently reciting words you never wrote
Finding it hard to breath; we’re only half afloat
Don’t leave me hanging on that descending note
Please tell me that you’re right, when I know I’m wrong
We went to bed that night, and slowly slipped into the dawn

Looking for love in all the right places
Wrongly accusing sacred spaces
Fearfully lending token faces
Tracking down your lipstick traces

Tell me you love me
Before you leave me
I confess it would be so damn easy
To take this love and tear it apart
And you mending broken hearts

Before I am gone


Written by Bristow/Adkins. Composed by Martin Bristow.
Engineered by Dan McLoughlin. Produced by Bristow/McLoughlin.
Recorded at the Vault Studio in Hoboken, NJ.
Copyright © 2010 Icewagon FLU.

Copyright © 2010 Jivin' Jones Records.

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